Nov 4, 2014

Project Eat Sansom Street

I have decided I should be logging this project. The project is already underway but we aren't too far in so I don't think it's too late.

Project: Eat Sansom Street

The premise of this project is very simple. Eat at every eating establishment on Sansom Street, Philadelphia, working from East to West starting at Broad Street.

I work in downtown Philadelphia. Sometimes I am good about making and bringing lunch but often I am not. On those many 'not' days I get lunch from nearby food establishments. Usually the same ones. Over and over again. I often find myself walking down Sansom street on my way to one tried and true spot or another. One day it occurred to me that not only are there an awful lot of places to eat on Sansom Street, but I have not tried quite a few of them. As I walked along I thought about this. Should I go into the Crepe place and give it a whirl? What would I even order there? And then it came to me. I will eat at every place I haven't tried! And because I'm me, it had to be a project. I will be systematic about it. I won't just go to all the places I haven't already tried - I will go to every place. I will invite friends to join me. And so it began...

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